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As a Hitchhiker, we aim to do things a little differently

All in the name of making sure you can focus on the most important parts of your event,
which shouldn't include running all of the errands to make s
ure there are drinks

.   .   .

We come equipped with a professional background of wedding planning,
 some of the best hospitality you could find around the world

And we aim to provide that kind of restaurant/bar expectation
to your experience in a mobile setting

.   .   .

A short outline of what you get by working with us:

Free consultation based on your choices from
our questionnaire
(click make a booking at bottom
) that helps us define your perfect event,
answering any and all questions!

4 Hours of Bar Service (3 hours of Setup time is included no matter what)
This starts as a 7 hr day of Service for our team, and comes with ice & bar equipment for entire event

+ Any additional time has an added $150 per an hour

x2 OLCC licensed professionals to provide at your event

When permit based Licensing is needed, we apply for the license

We do as much of the heavy lifting as you want us to.
But no matter what package you choose, we do the prep for you!

Fresh Juices. Fresh Infusions. Fresh Cocktails. All with an emphasis on local where we can.
ur farmers, wine makers, beer producers, distillers...they are local, and they are our friends

Providing complete transparency to the cost of your event no matter what package you want.
Oregon State Liquor Laws are different.

We will happily provide numbers based on our experience and the size of your party, and your expectations

Thoughtful, diverse, and curated packages
Because we care about the celebration we are all about to have together

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